Korean designer, Hwansung Park, sheds light on his past experience and the future of his label D-ANTIDOTE

Korean designer, Hwansung Park, sheds light on his past experience and the future of his label D-ANTIDOTE

Hwansung Park is the founder and designer of D-ANTIDOTE, a Korean fashion label that has won over the hearts of big name K-pop artistes such as SHINee, Super Junior, and BTS.

Hwansung Park interview fila x d-antidote

D-ANTIDOTE designer, Hwansung Park (middle), at the FILA x D-ANTIDOTE launch in Singapore

Hwansung Park was in town recently for the FILA x D-ANTIDOTE launch. We caught up with the Korean fashion designer and Central Saint Martins alum whose collections are inspired by Seoul and London.

Congratulations on the FILA x D-ANTIDOTE launch! How did the collaboration with FILA come about?
FILA sponsored the footwear at my first D-ANTIDOTE show at Seoul Fashion Week in 2016 A/W collection. D-ANTIDOTE and FILA has maintained a close partnership ever since, resulting in collaborations such as the one we presented in Singapore this month.

What’s the inspiration behind this collection?
In keeping with the D-ANTIDOTE slogan ‘SEOULONDON’, this collection is inspired by both Seoul and London. We were also inspired by the ‘90s as seen by the tracksuits, bold use of colour and oversized logos.

Your journey as a designer has seen you intern at the likes of Tom Ford, Burberry and Alexander McQueen. What was that experience like?
Eye-opening, that’s for sure. It was an honor to work at some of these household names in menswear. I learned how to be creative from McQueen and how to refine the old-fashioned stuff with the high-end touch from Tom Ford. I learnt how to regenerate the designs from the archives to create modern, contemporary styles, all while retaining the character of these original designs.

How does working for a huge label compare to starting your own label?
Starting my own label was challenging at first. There are many factors to consider when you start your own label, whether it’s designing, producing or marketing it. We are fortunate that D-ANTIDOTE has become a firm favorite of K-pop stars including members of SHINee and Super Junior, just to name a few.

How would you describe your designs? What are your go-to influences?
My designs have been injected with Korean fashion sensibilities, but are tailored to a global, more diverse audience. My key influence is music, particularly the music of English bands such as The Sex Pistols and The Beatles.

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In your opinion, what does it take to last long in the fashion industry?
It takes determination, hard work and an acumen for what people want to wear.

You’re definitely familiar with designing clothes, but would you consider sneaker collaborations as well?
I would love to work on a sneaker collaboration. Sneakers would be a great way to reach out to more people, who may not yet be customers of D-ANTIDOTE.

Lastly, what are the changes you hope to see in the fashion industry?
Sustainability is a really big issue in the fashion industry today. I hope fashion brands, us included, continue to keep this issue at the forefront of their minds. I believe these are issues that are of importance to the new generation of customers.

The FILA x D-ANTIDOTE Spring/Summer 2018 collection is now available at FILA VivoCity #B1-12.

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