I Dub Thee: JAYDAH of Phyla Picks Top 5 Future Jungle Tunes

I Dub Thee: JAYDAH of Phyla Picks Top 5 Future Jungle Tunes

I Dub Thee is an ongoing series featuring conversations between Nez, creator and resident at Drop Shots, and his guest artistes. Ahead of Drop Shots this Friday, April 10th, Nez sits with JAYDAH to uncover her top 5 picks of future jungle tunes.


JAYDAH has been turning heads and blessing ears in the past year with a bunch of stellar DJ sets at novelty parties in Singapore. A strong advocate of the deeper side of the Bass Music spectrum, she specializes in the genre of Future Jungle.

The sounds of Future Jungle have been bubbling under the radar over the past few years with pioneering top producers of Juke/Footwork genre from the States and the gritty electronic Bass music scenes of the UK and Europe. The genre is influenced by the old school Jungle music movement of the 90s, the new school Hip Hop sound of Trap music, with buttery 808 drum rolls appearing alongside classic break beats and gut wrenching Drum & Bass styled bass sounds. The sound itself is as diverse as ever, and this template serves as a guideline for the creation of fresh vibes, styles and sonic possibilities.

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Besides co-founding ATTAGIRL!, JAYDAH is part of the core team behind Phyla Digital, and independent music label based in Singapore as their chief sound selector. She also manages the artistic direction of the brand and their online podcast, Phyla Sessions. Here are JAYDAH’s top 5 picks of Future Jungle Tunes.

1. Goldie – Innercity Life

“I’m a total late bloomer, I didn’t start out playing Drum and Bass and was more into the 140 with the deep, Dubstep sounds. When I heard SBTRKT’s remix of Goldie’s Timeless, that got me fishing for more. Innercity Life is such a beautiful track to me, because it represented Drum and Bass at its most innocent naivety, before all the proliferation.”

2. Om Unit – Sleepwalkers

“If I could, I would include all five tracks by him in this feature, to be honest. #fangirlmode”

3. Boxcutter – Dream Gator (with Ken & Ryu) (Drums Mix)

“Released by Cosmic Bridge, a label started by Om Unit himself, Gnosis EP is an astute representation of the evolutionary sounds coming out of the Footwork Jungle movement these past few years. This is my favorite tune from the EP; kinda gave me a fresh direction as to how I wanted to embody a slow-fast grittiness with my sets.”

4. Sam Binga – Lef Dem ft. Redders

“I’ve probably played this too many times, but it deserves a mention. Releases by Sam Binga have never been a disappointment and Lef Dem is a great representation of his originality in creating slow-fast boogie tunes, fit for the dance floor. It never fails to get the crowd going.”

5. Nikitch – Radiated Light

Radiated Light is the best archetype for me to describe the outcome of the Juke and Footwork Jungle movement that has revitalized the use of break beats, allowing a vast space for new contemporaries to experiment. Nikitch is in my must-watch radar, alongside other producers that I have to mention; Nonfuture, HomeSick, Deft, Uncon Sci and so many others. Exciting times for the future of jungle music.”

DROP SHOTS Drum & Bass w/ JAYDAH [Phyla/Attagirl]
Friday, April 10th 2015
Time: 10pm
Venue: KOI Bangers + Izakaya (9 Haji Lane)
No cover charge

For more information:
Drop Shots: facebook.com/dropshotsg
Phyla: phyla.bandcamp.com
Attagirl: facebook.com/attagirlparty


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