You Could be Shopping IKEA Online Via Amazon by 2018

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You Could be Shopping IKEA Online Via Amazon by 2018

Looks like IKEA is planning on going online in a big way.


Photo: Apartment Therapy

IKEA is planning to test sell its products on third party websites such as Amazon to punch through the competition it faces online.

This will be the first time the Swedish furniture company will be selling goods through other companies and/or websites. Currently, it only sells a limited number of products online through its own website.

The Swedish furniture company aims to start selling its products on websites other than its own beginning 2018.

No names of partner websites have been revealed (source: Reuters), but there is speculation that popular online retailer Amazon is one of the third party websites chosen for IKEA’s test and pilot.

IKEA’s latest move might be exciting but there’s still a long way to go. Meanwhile, customers and fans of the furniture giant can expect a number of changes to hit its website (source: Fortune).

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