Instagram Introduces Snapchat-Like Face Filters

Instagram Introduces Snapchat-Like Face Filters

You’ll probably find Instagram’s latest update awfully familiar.

Instagram adds eight new “Face Filters” to its camera function. These include virtual koala ears, dazzling crowns, and nerd glasses.

Unveiled earlier this morning, the new update allows users to add eight new “Face Filters” to their photos, videos, and Boomerang clips.

To access this new feature, simply open up the camera function and tap the new face icon at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Photo: Instagram

After your photo or video has been taken, it can be sent to your friends or uploaded to your Story.

The Facebook-owned app also introduced a new ‘Rewind’ function that allows you to create clips that play backwards, and a new hashtag sticker that takes you to a page to explore related posts.

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Photo: Instagram

Lastly, it added an eraser brush that lets you erase things you may have drawn. It recommends filling the entire screen with color and using the eraser brush to reveal parts of your photo or video underneath.

What do you think of this Snapchat-like update? Let us know below.

To learn more about the update, visit Instagram’s blog.

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