Instagram Now Lets You Slide into the DMs Like Whoa

Instagram Now Lets You Slide into the DMs Like Whoa

Instagram’s latest update makes sliding into the DMs a much smoother, more intuitive process.


Instagram now enables users to slide into the DMs (direct messages) via a much smoother, more intuitive process. The update sees an addition of an arrow icon next to the “like” and “comment” buttons on each post. Tap on the arrow icon, pick the recipient, and the post will appear as part of private conversation in your DM inbox.

Instagram’s DMs have also gone through a chat-like reincarnation. Individual DMs now also appear as conversation threads, eliminating the need to start a new conversation each time something is shared. Group conversations can even be named.

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The updates on the DM function comes hot on the heels of Instagram’s update last week, which made square format apps irrelevant by allowing photos and videos to be posted in their original portrait or landscape format.

See this video for a quick tutorial:

Source: Instagram blog

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