Hasbro Wants You to Vote for New Monopoly Tokens

Hasbro Wants You to Vote for New Monopoly Tokens

The hundred-year-old Monopoly board game is getting a makeover.

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Hasbro invites the Internet to vote for updated Monopoly tokens that’ll replace the existing ones.

Like or loathe Monopoly, it’s the game that many kids grew up playing. Today, Hasbro decided to let the Internet choose new tokens for the age-old board game.

Voters will be able to take their pick from a list of over fifty options that consist of existing and newly released tokens. The list includes a kissy face emoji, the iconic Twitter hashtag, a thumbs up, sliced bread, and an oddly detailed T-Rex.

According to Kotaku, the winning eight tokens will be announced on March 19th, which is also World Monopoly Day, with the updated version to hit shelves sometime in August 2017.

Cast your votes here before the poll closes on January 31st, and you can pat yourself on the back if your choices make it to the game.

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