A guide to Jakarta’s hidden gems: streetwear and sneaker stores, grub, and good vibes

A guide to Jakarta’s hidden gems: streetwear and sneaker stores, grub, and good vibes

The Jakarta streetwear scene is alive and well. This is our guide to 24 hours in the city, and we’re heading straight to South Jakarta.

Jakarta streetwear guide

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The Indonesian capital may be known for its bustling nightlife and insane peak-hour traffic jams. But explore a little deeper into the city and you’ll discover the Jakarta streetwear scene at its finest.

Trust us, skip the mall and head to South Jakarta. This is where international streetwear labels, sought-after sneakers, and home-grown brands are just waiting to be discovered.

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Jl. Panglima Polim V No. 36

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This quintessential streetwear store is located in the remarkably cool street of Panglima Polim V, what with its rows of shops and dining options that offer enviably laidback vibes. It’s no surprise that the street draws quite the hipster crowd, and somehow, ORBIS fits right in.

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Step inside ORBIS, however, and you’ll find yourself in familiar surroundings (this is assuming you frequent streetwear stores). Streetwear staples such as tees, crew neck sweats, and caps easily make up the entire store – products from international brands such as the Tokyo label, Have A Good Time, and Stussy are hung in neat rows.

But since you’re in Jakarta, you must check out Indonesian brand Paradise Youth Club, which is offered at the ORBIS store. The Jakarta streetwear brand has extended its reach well beyond Indonesia and has earned itself a name internationally through stockists such as Dover Street Market and UK’s Size? store.

For more information, follow ORBIS store on Instagram.

2) Mangia

Jl. Panglima Polim V No. 38

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Just a stone’s throw away from ORBIS is the unique two-storey eatery, Mangia. For the traveler hoping to get a taste of Indonesia’s cuisine, it doesn’t get more interesting than this. What Mangia serves up is a healthier take on traditional Indonesian cuisine. Rest assured, you lose nothing from the dining experience which is accompanied by vintage interiors and a relaxed vibe.

The food is nothing short of a pleasant surprise. Healthy, yes, but it’s no less tasty. The combination of herbs and spices of these dishes will linger in your mouth long after you leave. Need a recommendation? Give the Nasi Ayam Tuk Tuk a whirl; this also comes with a side of spinach chips. Truly worth the try.

Check out Mangia’s Instagram for more images of its delicious menu.


Jl. Dharmawangsa Raya No. 4

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You might have heard of MARIS before, the Jakarta streetwear and sneaker store with its own clothing line. MARIS has been around for quite a while now and is easily one of the first names that pops up when a local is asked about streetwear in Jakarta.

If you’re looking to cop some sneakers, then the MARIS sneaker garage, located at Jalan Dharmawangsa, should be at the top of your list. We were there for the sneakers, of course, and what they had in-store truly didn’t disappoint. Though the range isn’t particularly extensive, sitting on the shelves were some of the hottest sneakers released in recent times, like the Nike SB Dunk Low “Black Pigeon” and Tyler, the creator’s Golf le Fleurs, just to name a few. But don’t expect them to go for retail.

Sneakers aside, the store maintains an impressive lineup of apparel which includes brands like UNDEFEATED. We also caught a glimpse of some Supreme and Stussy accessories.

Follow MARIS sneaker garage on Instagram.

4) Footurama

COMO Park Building, Kemang Timur Raya No. 998

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Footurama is easily one of the greatest finds in Jakarta. Stepping into the consignment-based store feels like an adventure. Used, vintage and new goods ranging from apparel, accessories and even sneakers line the entire store, just waiting to be discovered.

Besides the Supreme and Palace items just sitting in the store asking to be bought, you can also find stuff from plenty other high-end brands in addition to the store’s impressive in-house brand, Freeform Fabrication.

Prices are reasonable, especially for secondhand goods that are in good condition. Even if you visited Footurama with no intention of purchasing anything, you’d end up leaving the store with at least something – and that is a guarantee.

Check out Footurama’s online store for the full range of items.

5) Mondo By The Rooftop

Blok C74, Jl. RS Fatmawati No.6

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OK, so you get to the point where you’ve spent hours shopping. It’s probably best to wind down a little. The remedy? Good vibes, good drinks and good music. This can be found by taking a ride down to an “abandoned” building at Jalan Fatmawati.

Upon arrival, take the slightly creepy lift up to the highest floor and you’ll discover this gem of a place called Mondo By The Rooftop. This spot offers a whole lot of vibe, from the decor to the lighting, right down to the music.

You’d be hard pressed choosing between staying indoors to admire the eclectic and alluring interior or heading to the outdoor section where you can take in the calm, relaxing atmosphere. When you’re done deciding, settle in. Pop open cheap local beers and take it all in.

Did we miss a Jakarta streetwear store you frequent? Perhaps you have a restaurant to recommend? Leave a comment below. 

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