James Harden Gets New adidas Crazylight Basketball Shoes

James Harden Gets New adidas Crazylight Basketball Shoes

Houston Rockets’ James Harden, along with several other NBA players, will be hitting the court in the new adidas Crazylight shoes starting next season.

James Harden Gets New adidas Crazylight Basketball Shoes

It’s too early to tell if the new adidas Crazylight 2016 will attract as much flak as Stephen Curry’s new shoes, but you’ll definitely see James Harden rocking them next season.

The adidas Crazylight 2016 comes with a full-length Boost midsole — the first for a basketball shoe. The new low-top features a lightweight woven upper, with custom design elements that create a camouflage effect.

Though the shoes are not exactly the sleekest in the market, they are touted to be built for speed at all angles of play.

“I’ve been waiting to wear these shoes since I tested the first prototype and I can’t wait to wear them on the court this summer,” said Harden.

Besides Harden, fellow NBA players Jeremy Lin and Kyle Lowry will be wearing these shoes next season.

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The adidas Crazylight 2016 is expected to hit shelves on July 2nd, at a reasonable retail price of US$120.

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