Jamie Smith Teases with Newly Released Single “Loud Places”

Jamie Smith Teases with Newly Released Single “Loud Places”

The newest track from Jamie Smith of The xx fame will feed your yearning soul as you await his debut solo album, In Colour, out this June.

Jamie Smith

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Jamie Smith, a member of indie band The xx, will be releasing his solo debut album In Colour this June via Young Turks. Leading up to the official launch date, Smith has released the single “Loud Places”, adding to the previously released singles “Girl” and “Sleep Sound” that will also be included in the album.

The xx may have carved a niche of their own with their instantly timeless, implicitly warming and inevitably soothing beats, but Smith shines even as a solo artist. The Londoner has gone for a more experimental approach in terms of sounds and instrumentals than with his band, but he doesn’t veer too far off from his usual effortless heart-winning vibes. Nonetheless, his first standalone album will feature vocals from his bandmate Romy Madley-Croft.

Listen to “Loud Places” here and let us know whether you’re as stoked as we are in Comments below:

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