Jason Sudeikis Owns 200 Pairs of Air Jordans

Jason Sudeikis Owns 200 Pairs of Air Jordans

We had a clue Jason Sudeikis was a sneakerhead when he showed up on the red carpet for the Met Ball 2013 in Air Jordan 11 Breds, but now, fiancee Olivia Wilde has gone on record to confirm he owns “about 200 pairs of Air Jordans”. 

Remember when this happened last year?


Image via EUKICKS

And we posted this?

jason-sudeikis-olivia-wilde-met-gala-2013-1We suspected Sudeikis may have been a sneakerhead.

Turns out we were right.

He owns 200 pairs of Air Jordans.


Image via US Weekly 

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And gets to call Olivia Wilde his fiancee.


Image via The Eric Hammer











via Black Sheep Fiction

Lucky bast*rd.


Image via Crushable







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