Jay-Z Sets the Record Straight, Tweets “Tidal is Doing Just Fine”

Jay-Z Sets the Record Straight, Tweets “Tidal is Doing Just Fine”

Last week, rumors of Tidal’s failure were swirling. Well, Jay-Z has stepped into the picture to right some wrongs via Twitter, assuring music fans and artists that Tidal is doing just fine.

First, he re-assured fans that “Tidal is doing just fine”


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He then asked for a chance to let Tidal “grow and get better”


He spoke out against rivals who were plotting against Tidal


Even reiterating Tidal’s artist-friendly policies


He compared Tidal’s monetary figures to competitors


And ended off by stating that Tidal will only get better

According to Page Six, there seems to be a music streaming “war” between Tidal and Apple’s iTunes, and consumers can expect some of their favorite artistes to be allied with either camp and the resulting music made exclusively available for either company’s product. Seeing as it’ll be next to impossible for consumers to create a playlist if the songs are fragmented into the various streaming services, we don’t see how the “war” can benefit the end-user.

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