Jaybird Run Wireless Headphones are Designed Specifically for Runners

Jaybird Run Wireless Headphones are Designed Specifically for Runners

The Jaybird Run is the brand’s first take on wireless earphones.

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Designed specifically for runners, the Jaybird Run is the brand’s first foray into truly wireless earphones.

These new earphones are both sweat-proof and water-resistant, and feature the latest wireless Bluetooth technology. Each earbud comes with a single button, allowing users to access Siri or Google Assistant, or take calls.

Boasting 12 hours of battery life, the earphones provide four hours of listening on a single charge, while its portable charging case adds another extra eight hours.

It only takes five minutes of charging to power an hour run—a feature that should come in handy for those always on-the-go.

In addition, they also come with a Spotify-integrated app. With it, users can customize their music and even locate the earbuds if they go missing.

Priced at S$299, the Jaybird Run will be available from October 2017 onwards.

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Besides the Jaybird Run, the company will also be releasing the Freedom 2 (see above), an updated version of its predecessor, the Jaybird Freedom.

This updated iteration features similar specs to the Run. However, they come with a shorter battery life and are connected together by a SpeedFit cord.

The Freedom 2 are priced at S$239, and they will also be available from October 2017.

Visit Jaybird to find out more about these two new earphones.

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