JD Women 2018 Site Refreshed and Stocked with JD Exclusives

JD Women 2018 Site Refreshed and Stocked with JD Exclusives

The JD Women 2018 website has been given a facelift. It boasts new JD women exclusives, a splash of pastel colors and eye-catching visuals for your shopping pleasure.

JD Women 2018 Layout

JD Women 2018 website gets a new look for a better shopping experience

Get in on the latest streetwear style, sports gear, sneakers and more with the newly revamped JD Women’s site.

JD Sports, the sports-fashion retailer, ushers in the new year by refreshing the shopping experience for their female customers. In addition to a brand new look, the revamped page features some useful tabs for easy navigation. Let’s get in on the details.

New website layout

Enter the JD Women 2018 page and you’d surely notice the inviting, brand new pastel-colored theme. Adding to that, the website is filled with neatly organized photos and banners showcasing the site’s listed products. Scroll further and you’d find plenty of categories that lead to the different type of offerings available at JD Women. With over 500 products listed on the site, there’s something for everyone.

JD Women’s exclusives

Besides a swanky new page layout, some exclusive finds await in the Exclusive Gang tab featuring a host of products available only from JD Women. Such items include the Champion Boyfriend Hoodie, Adidas Originals Velvet Vibes long sleeve crop top and the Fila Logo Crew Sweatshirt among others.

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Pro tip: While JD Women Malaysia does not ship to Singapore, customers living in Singapore can shop at JD Women(UK), which ships to Singapore, to get in on the latest styles on offer from the retailer.

What do you think of the revamped JD Women 2018 website? Let us know in the comments below.

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