Joe Freshgoods x New Balance 9060 new drop: “Inside Voices”

Joe Freshgoods x New Balance 9060 new drop: “Inside Voices”

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Joe Freshgoods and New Balance collaborate on a 9060 named “Inside Voices” that will drop this month.

Joe Freshgoods New Balance 9060

Designer Joe Freshgoods took to Instagram on April 28 to introduce “Inside Voices” with the caption “2 weeks.”.

Model: Joe Freshgoods x New Balance 9060 “Inside Voices”
Drop date: May 16 (Joe Freshgoods’ Instagram shop) | May 20 (Penny Cookie Pink through New Balance) | July 14 (End Launches)
Approx. price: S$315
Buy here: End Launches | StockX

Designer Joe Freshgoods first debuted “Inside Voices” on April 28 on Instagram by posting a photo of the pair of shoes in the palm of his hand with the caption “2 weeks.”. This pair is a follow-up to his previous New Balance collaboration “Outside Clothes” which dropped in 2021. 

New Balance’s signature use of quality material does not escape “Inside Voices”. Mesh, suede and leather are overlaid atop each other on the upper. The midsole is made of rubber, while the base is a gum sole.

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“Inside Voices” is much like its predecessor “Outside Clothes” in its use of similar materials. It also features the “JFG” acronym embellished at the heel of the shoe and the collab name is embroidered onto the heel counter. The only difference would be that “Inside Voices” incorporates a light red mesh, while “Outside Clothes” was adorned in a light blue mesh.

The earthy colors balance out the quirky design, making it suitable for daily wear. Despite the exaggerated and protruding sole, the combination of tan, green and red allows for easy pairing with outfits. The shoe also comes with three sets of laces in red, sail, and white so you can mix and match laces according to your mood.

The packaging is an experience of its own. The focal point is the New Balance logo displayed in cloud form while the rest of the shoebox features cloudy skies in pink hues. The box opens to reveal a quote on the box lid, which reads, “Shhhhhh…be quiet…Our imaginations are speaking”.

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This is Joe Freshgood’s fourth time working with New Balance. Past collaborations include the Conversation Amongst Us” pack, 990 V3 “Outside Clothes” and “No Emotions Are Emotions” pack.

Images: @joefreshgoods / Instagram

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