Take a Peek at the Bedrooms of Millennials Around the World

Take a Peek at the Bedrooms of Millennials Around the World

John Thackwray’s photography project takes an intimate look at the bedrooms of millennials in various parts of the globe.

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What started out as a simple photo taken in his flatmate’s bedroom in Paris spawned a multi-year project that took Thackwray to 55 different countries and gave him the chance to interact with over a thousand millennials.

The aerial shot of each individual’s bedroom tells a compelling story about their personal lives and the diversity in culture, lifestyle and interests.

No stone is left unturned as the photos capture every detail, such as a Saudi Arabian’s sneaker and streetwear collection, the bare-bones furniture belonging to a young housewife in India and the intricate floor tiles of an engineer’s crib in Russia.

Take a Peek at the Bedrooms of Millennials Around the World

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“I was starting to think that if I don’t get those shots, no one will see them, because the world is changing really fast,” Thackwray told Quartz. “I guess in twenty years the photos will be extremely precious.”

Next on Thackwray’s agenda is a photobook, titled My Room: Portrait of a Generation. It will feature extensive photos and interviews with the people that he’s photographed. The book is available for pre-order here and is expected to be published this December.

Source: Quartz

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