Xavier Portela Captures the Pink Glow of Tokyo’s Cityscape

Xavier Portela Captures the Pink Glow of Tokyo’s Cityscape

What looks like futuristic anime stills are actually photos taken by Brussels-based photographer Xavier Portela.


Update: 9 November 2016, 9:44AM (GMT +8)
Prints of Xavier Portela’s “Tokyo’s Glow” series are now available for sale here.

Xavier Portela’s “Tokyo’s Glow” series coats the streets in vivid pink hues.

Taken during his time in Japan, the series features the popular Shibuya and Shinjuku districts. Through the photos, Portela manages to show off the wonders of Japan’s busy metropolis, like its electronic-laden nightlife spots and crowded city streets. The glow even extends to the people in the photos, who exude a warmth that the Japanese are known for.


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The excessive use of pink may seem out of the norm, but to those familiar with the Land of the Rising Sun, it portrays the spirit of the country’s bustling city at night.

View the rest of the series on Portela’s Behance and show him some love on Instagram!

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