Jon Bon Jovi Sings a Chinese Love Song for his Fans

Jon Bon Jovi Sings a Chinese Love Song for his Fans

Veteran rock singer Jon Bon Jovi showed the world a different side of himself with his rendition of a Chinese song made popular by the late Teresa Teng.

The lead singer of the band Bon Jovi did a cover of “The Moon Represents My Heart”, a classic ballad that was made famous by the late legendary singer Teresa Teng in the ’70s, singing most of the notes effortlessly and accurately.

Meant as a “gift” for his Chinese fans as they celebrated Chinese Valentine’s Day yesterday, the video has received over 200,000 views and many positive comments that praised Jovi’s efforts at singing in a foreign language.

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Good news for fans of Bon Jovi who wanna watch them perform live. The band will be coming to Singapore on Sunday, September 20th, for a concert that’s part of the 2015 Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix.

They’ll also be singing in China sometime in mid-September and in Kuala Lumpur’s Stadium Merdeka a day before they hit Singapore.

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