Justin Bieber’s Tour Rider is Full of Strange Demands

Justin Bieber’s Tour Rider is Full of Strange Demands

Justin Bieber’s alleged tour rider leaked earlier today and some of his requests got us scratching our heads.


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Before launching his first tour to India, Justin Bieber was sure to be very detailed in his demands for this tour rider.

Justin Bieber’s tour rider has been leaked on Twitter and its contents are exhaustive, weird and positively brilliant.

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Some of the requests are what you would expect from the pop star, such as a licensed female masseuse, private jet, helicopter, 10 luxury sedans, and two Volvo buses to take his 120-person entourage around. The pop star himself prefers to be chauffeured in a personal Rolls Royce.

Transportation aside, his backstage demands include 48 bottles of water, a variety of sodas, juices, and protein shakes, all of which are to be encased within a glass-door refrigerator.

A star’s gotta eat too, right? Justin Bieber has made sure that he will be well-fed, with a team of top culinary experts to supervise and prepare five dishes a day, renamed after his popular songs.

Now, the strangest request ‘Biebs’ has made was to have a yoga casket, stocked with aromatic oils, incense, and yoga books, placed in his hotel room.

If the tour rider wasn’t showcasing just how exorbitant Bieber can be, he has enlisted actor Salman Khan’s bodyguard, Shera (real name Gurmeet Singh Jolly) to be by his side throughout his stay in India.

Salman Khan has personally confirmed the news with Hindustan Times, “The Khan family and I are very happy for Shera. There’s no need for any artist to be worried when Shera is around. He is very reliable and a complete no-nonsense person. A thorough professional, he is one of the finest in India and I swear by him.”

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