Kanye West Could Lose “Yeezy” Brand Name to a Chinese Company

Kanye West Could Lose “Yeezy” Brand Name to a Chinese Company

Kanye West could lose “Yeezy” brand name to a Chinese company.

The Chinese company in question is Fujian Baby Network Technology Co.. Heard of them? Us neither, but it seems they beat West’s company to the filing for ownership of the name “Yeezy” for non-footwear related items.

According to Daily Mail, West acquired the rights to use the name “Yeezy” on footwear products in 2013. However, last year, West’s company relinquished rights to the name “Yeezy” for non-footwear products.

Fujian Baby Network Technology Co. swooped in to trademark “Yeezy” for clothing and West’s company followed suit. However, because Fujian Baby Network Technology Co. beat West’s company to the filing, the courts are in favor of awarding the rights to Fujian.

If West wants to apply the “Yeezy” brand name to non-footwear items such as clothing, he might have to face Fujian in court to claim ownership of the brand name.

Source: Daily Mail
Featured image: Observer

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