Kanye West Being Kanye West on “The Ellen Show”

Kanye West Being Kanye West on “The Ellen Show”

Kanye West has said a lot in the media. He had more to say while he was on “The Ellen Show”. Here’s a look at the finer moments of his interview segment.

Kanye doesn’t believe in thinking before tweeting


Kanye doesn’t regret posting his strange and cryptic tweets. At one point, when Ellen asked if he should have given his tweets more thought, Yeezy simply remarked, “What’s the point of thinking?”

Kanye believes he can improve mankind’s existence


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He has grand plans for mankind. Not sure if these include making people queue for his adidas Yeezy Boost sneakers.

Sometimes Kanye breaks into an impromptu dance


Remember when Tom Cruise jumped onto Oprah’s crouch over a decade ago? Kanye breaking into an impromptu dance on “The Ellen Show” is surely the closest equivalent to that moment.

Kanye renders Kanye speechless


The usually vocal Kanye was seemingly at a loss for words after going on about himself. Cue awkward silence, and check out Ellen’s reaction.

Kanye sees things that normal people don’t


The artist admitted that he has synesthesia, a neurological phenomenon that helps you see sounds. Sound weird? You’re just not seeing it.

Kanye’s just a guy after all

Kim Kardashian may not be thrilled at the prospect of having another child, and Kanye West’s cool with that, just don’t deny him of practice.

Check out the full segment here:

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