KAWS and UT Collaborate on a T-Shirt Line

KAWS and UT Collaborate on a T-Shirt Line

Stuff from the renowned pop artist you can actually afford.

The world-renowned Brooklyn based artist, KAWS, has collaborated with UNIQLO to release a line of UT (UNIQLO T-shirts) for Spring 2016.

Commenting on the new collaboration, KAWS said, “I have always enjoyed working in different medium, whether it be plastic toys, painting, bronze sculpture, or graphic design. UT is a cool canvas for making my artwork available to people virtually everywhere.”

The marriage of KAWS and Uniqlo’s UT line comes as no surprise since Nigo, creative director of UT since 2013, was quoted in a press release saying, “KAWS has been a friend of mine for more than 20 years.”

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“I’m certain that the collection will be a hit around the world. I’ve created things with KAWS quite a few times before, and we’ve got a lot of respect for each other. This project was no exception. We went through a ton of ideas to come up with some great results. I think the T-shirts and other items in the collection reflect KAWS’s amazing worldview”, Nigo added.

KAWS is currently holding a solo exhibition, “ALONG THE WAY” at the Brooklyn Museum, and a major exhibition at England’s Yorkshire Sculpture Park. A survey exhibition of his work is due to open at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth in the fall.

Information on availability and pricing of the KAWS for UT line to follow. 

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