Watch: Kendrick Lamar’s Music Video “Humble”

Watch: Kendrick Lamar’s Music Video “Humble”

Sit down and be humble. King Kendrick has a few words to say in his new music video, “Humble”.

Following “The Heart Part 4”, Kendrick Lamar drops his second track, “Humble”.

Directed by Dave Meyers and The Little Homies, “Humble” is a brilliant music video that seemingly alludes to Kendrick Lamar’s “rap god” status. In the video, Lamar is seen rapping in religious garb and preaching to an empty church. There’s even a scene that recreates Leonardo Da Vinci’s “The Last Supper”,

Accompanying the musician’s religiously symbolic imagery is a piano heavy track (produced by Mike WiLL Made-It), with King Kendrick issuing a stern warning to his absentee congregation to “sit down, be humble”.

The musician made headlines last week after releasing a cryptic message filled track, “The Heart Part 4”. With the most popular cryptic message being that Lamar’s fourth album is due to be released April 7.

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Check out the music video for “Humble” above and let us know what you think.

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