Kendrick Lamar Sued By Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Bill Withers

Kendrick Lamar Sued By Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Bill Withers

Kendrick Lamar had allegedly sampled Withers’ “Don’t You Want to Stay”, using the music composition in his own track.

Kendrick Lamar Sued By Bill Withers

Withers’ company, Mattie Music Group, has sued Kendrick Lamar for copyright infringement, adding that all the rapper did was include his own verses to distinguish his song from Withers’ 1975 hit.

The track in question is “I Do This”, and Lamar, one of hip hop’s rising stars, had released it twice. The first time was on his EP back in 2009 and the second came as a remix in his 2010 album Overly Dedicated.

This isn’t Lamar’s first run-in with copyright infringement. The Compton rapper was served papers last July for using a freelance photographer’s picture as artwork for his single “The Blacker The Berry”, without first seeking permission. Lamar was also slapped with a lawsuit by The Alan Parsons Project for sampling their 1982 single “Old and Wise”.

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Lamar may have achieved much success, but Withers is a music heavyweight himself. The veteran has had a slew of hits throughout his music career. Just last year, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame by Stevie Wonder.

Embedded are the songs by Withers and Lamar respectively. Give them a listen and let us know what you think.

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