Kevin Durant Takes a Massive Pay Cut for Warriors

Kevin Durant Takes a Massive Pay Cut for Warriors

Kevin Durant makes a huge sacrifice.

Photo: Bleacher Report

Kevin Durant is reportedly willing to take a pay cut of US$6.8 million in new Golden State Warriors contract.

According to SB Nation, the celebrity athlete has agreed to sacrifice a large sum of his paycheck to keep the Warriors team together, allowing the team greater financial flexibility.

The athlete’s new US$25 million salary is US$9.5 million less than his maximum possible and US$6.8 million less than his expected salary. That’s US$1.54 million less than his paycheck earned last year, according to Anthony Slater of The Mercury News.

The move comes as a shock as Durant is an unrestricted free agent. This means that the young athlete will be able to entertain competing offers from other clubs before deciding on a contract (source: Wikipedia).

But don’t fret Durant fans, the athlete will get his worth in 2019 when he is eligible for a “supermax” contract. The “supermax” will be worth roughly US$217 million over a period of five years, says Bleacher Report.

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What is perceived by some as a sign of Durant’s loyalty to the Golden State Warriors has been seen by others as a “snake ass bitch” move (possibly in reference to the athlete leaving Oklahoma City Thunder for the Golden State Warriors).

YouTube star CashNastyGaming has heaped blame on the Durant saying he has messed up the league, having left the Thunders in the lurch.

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