This ‘Flying Car’ Prototype will be Available for Purchase Later this Year

This ‘Flying Car’ Prototype will be Available for Purchase Later this Year

Your dreams of flight can now come true thanks to this ‘flying car’.

Backed by Google’s co-founder Larry Page, the Kitty Hawk Flyer is an all-electric ‘flying car’ that lets you soar over water.

Unveiled in a YouTube video, it shows the Flyer in action as it zips and flies above a lake. With the mission of making personal flights a reality, it does not require a pilot’s license to operate.

In fact, the Flyer promises people that they will be able to fly the aircraft in a matter of minutes.

The price of the aircraft is yet to be announced, but the company is inviting eager pilots to sign up for its three-year membership. Priced at US$100 (approx. S$140), members will enjoy priority placement on the waiting list, gain exclusive access to flight demonstrations and events, and receive a US$2,000 (approx. S$2786) discount off the retail price of the Flyer.

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The Flyer will be commercially available later this year.

To learn more about this revolutionary aircraft, please visit its website.

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