Krost’s Second Semester collection is themed “Kids at Play”

Krost’s Second Semester collection is themed “Kids at Play”

Krost’s Second Semester takes inspiration from the youth movements of the 60s.

Krost's Second Semester Collection

Titled “Kids at Play”, the Second Semester collection includes gender-neutral tailored pantsuits and apparel fit for the playground.

Following a successful First Semester collection themed around the anti-gun violence movements that recently swept across the United States, Krost is back with the Second Semester. The latest collection takes inspiration from the youth movements of the 60s – like the anti-war, desegregation and women’s rights movements – that are still important and impact society in this day and age.

Krost’s Second Semester, themed “Kids at Play”, is a playful mix of unisex tailored pantsuits and casual basics. It features baseball- and basketball-inspired apparel, grounding the collection in the memories of our childhood playgrounds.

Krost's Second Semester Collection

The collection’s basics, like the hoodies, beanies, T-shirts, and jumpsuits, carry the slogan “Support Your Friends” or SYF. A personal slogan for brand founder Samuel Krost, it encompasses the driving force behind social change and protest movements. It enables people to rally together behind a belief they share whether they’ve just met or known each other for a lifetime, to lift one another up and effect social change.

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Krost's Second Semester Collection

Beyond social change, Krost’s Second Semester shows its commitment to inclusivity through the use of a gender-neutral cut for the tailored pantsuits and simple color tones, making the pieces versatile enough for any gender, style or occasion – you could wear the pants with a hoodie and hit the stores or walk down the red carpet in the full suit.

You can check out the full line at or their Instagram.

Which pantsuit would you choose? Pink, Black or Blue? Comment down below. 

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