Late to the Game, But Apple Music Might Trump Other Streaming Services

Late to the Game, But Apple Music Might Trump Other Streaming Services

Apple Music will be hoping to beat its music streaming competitors, such as Spotify, Rdio and TIDAL, with a massive music catalog and other unique features.

Apple Music

Apple joins the fray with Apple Music, its very own music streaming app that pushes the envelope of what music streaming services can offer. Available from June 30th, Apple Music will have a massive catalog of over 30 million songs for users to choose from.

Unique to Apple Music is the worldwide live radio station that broadcasts 24/7, giving listeners an infinite playlist for them to enjoy all day. For something more personalized, Apple Music has implemented “For You” – curated playlists that provide fresh albums and releases, tailored to an individual’s taste.

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Apple Music also works with Siri; simply ask Siri to “play songs from FKA Twigs” and it will get to work, putting together the request effortlessly. Connections between artists and fans will also become more intimate, as artists can share their lyrics, backstage photos, videos and direct song releases with their fans through Apple Music’s “Connect” feature. In the same way, fans can also leave comments and spread the word on new music through social media, direct from the app.

Apple Music will be free for the first three months, after which a monthly fee of US$9.99 (US$14.99 for a family plan that caters for six family members) will be charged for the service. Apple Music will be released on Apple TV and Android at a later date.

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