LeBron James and Nike Drop Exclusive Sneakers for The King’s 2017 Manila Tour

LeBron James and Nike Drop Exclusive Sneakers for The King’s 2017 Manila Tour

All to celebrate LeBron James’ third visit to the Philippines.

Featured photo: Phil Star Global


Guess who is heading to the Philippines for the third time this September?

Nike will release three special edition sneakers in early September to commemorate LeBron James’ third visit to Manila.

Even though the limited edition kicks drop soon – September 1-3 – the identity of the sneakers will only be revealed 23 hours prior to the launch, reports Titan22.

The special edition sneakers commemorate the LeBron James Strive for Greatness Show held in Manila on September 2, an event that pits the Philippines’ top basketball athletes against one another.

This isn’t the first time Nike and LeBron have released special edition shoes to celebrate the athlete’s visit to Manila. In August 2015, the athlete honored his second Manila tour with a special edition LeBron 12 Low.

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The LeBron 12 Low, released in 2015 to commemorate LeBron’s second visit to Manila, was inspired by the Philippines flag

With scarce information, guess we’ll have to keep an eye out for more details on this one. The grand reveal and more details will be available on Nike Park.

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