LeBron James on Why He Turned Down a US$10 Million Cash Check from Reebok

LeBron James on Why He Turned Down a US$10 Million Cash Check from Reebok

Before LeBron made it big, the basketball legend had to make the decision of a lifetime.


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LeBron James has revealed that he once turned down a US$10 million dollar cash check from Reebok. The brand also offered LeBron a US$100 million contract.

This was revealed in the latest episode of Kneading Dough, which aired Wednesday, April 26.

Why did LeBron say no, despite being an 18-year-old athlete – albeit one with great potential – but one who was living in a modest US$17 a month apartment at that time?

According to The Street, the athlete was reluctant to put all his eggs in one basket.

“If he’s willing to give me a $10 million check right now, what’s to say Nike or Adidas isn’t willing to give me $20 (million) or $30 (million) upfront or to say that the upfront money isn’t even the biggest thing,” LeBron told Maverick Cater, host of Kneading Dough.

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We know LeBron chose Nike in the end. Despite the deal being about US$10 million less (a seven-year US$90 million deal), LeBron and Nike signed a lifetime deal that’s worth more US$1 billion.

Looks like LeBron played the long game, and that paid off big time.


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