Levi’s 501 Origins Explored in this Film

Levi’s 501 Origins Explored in this Film

Levi’s presents a short film that explores the cultural history and lasting impact of its iconic 501 button fly jean.

Levi’s presents The 501 Jean: Stories of an Original, a short film that looks at the history and lasting impact of its famous 501 button fly jean.

The documentary explores the debut of the godfather of denim jeans back in 1873 and traces its journey from workmen’s wear to wardrobe staple. It also takes a look at the 501’s influence on pop and street culture.

Interviews with personalities, among them fashion director Josh Peskowitz, photographer Scott Schuman and chef Eddie Huang, show how the 501 has served as an emblem of youth and a symbol of rebellion over the years.

Visit Levi’s website for a full look at the archive photos and modern spin-offs of the 501.

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