Luca “Lazylegz” Patuelli: ‘Breakin’ is one of the unique activities that truly has “no limits”’

Luca “Lazylegz” Patuelli: ‘Breakin’ is one of the unique activities that truly has “no limits”’

Luca “Lazylegz” Patuelli, founder of ILL-Abilities dance crew featuring some of the world’s best b-boys with different disabilities, says, “’Breakin’ is a dance, culture, and now a sport that bases itself of everyone’s unique strengths and characteristics”, and can be for everybody.

Luca “Lazylegz” Patuelli ILL-Abilities crew on a dark stage. Daishiro Futamaki

Here in Singapore as part of the annual da:ns festival at Esplanade, the ILL-Abilities crew, Jungsoo “Krops” Lee, Lucas “Perninha” Ferreira Machado, Redouan “Redo” Ait Chitt, Samuel “Samuka” Da Silveira Lima and Sergio “Checho” Miranda Carvajal will present three different programs including a show, a workshop and a battle with some of Singapore’s best b-boys. Ahead of their hectic weekend, we caught up with leader of the ILL-Abilities, Luca “Lazylegz” Patuelli. Get your tickets to their “No Excuses, No Limits” show here.


Tell us more about ILL-Abilities! Your group is made up of eight members from seven different countries (with the newest member as JUNIOR from France). How did you guys first meet?

ILL-Abilities is an international dance crew comprised of some of the world’s best b-boys who happen to have different disabilities. The crew is comprised of 8 unique dancers representing 7 different countries. Each dancer in the crew has made a global impact in the breakin’ scene. The idea was to create a super crew or an all-star team that not only competes and performs at a high level but also educates and raises awareness on adversity and self-empowerment.


Name a highlight of your journey as a crew so far.

It’s too difficult to name just one highlight as I believe just being with the guys together in one room is a highlight. You know it can be quite challenging coming together and all though we did not grow up together; today we are a group of brothers and it’s felt like we’ve known each other for our whole lives. I have two great prides in my life my family (my wife Melissa and 2 daughters Aura and Luna) and my crew ILL-Abilities.

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If I need to name one though coming to Singapore in 2018 was a highlight as we got to perform at the True Colours Festival and also compete at Radikal Forze Anniversary (which we made Top 4). We are excited and honoured to be coming back to Singapore to perform at Esplanade this year.

Luca “Lazylegz” Patuelli ILL-Abilities crew performing at the True Colours FestivalTrue Colours Festival

When did you first start breakin’ and how has it changed your life?

I started breakin’ in 1999 when I was 15-years old, and it changed my life as it helped me accept who I was. You see I was born with a rare neuromuscular disorder called Arthrogryposis and I use crutches to walk. When I first started dancing, I was only using my arms but over time a dancer needs to discover new movement and I discovered a way to dance with my crutches. My difference became my strength.

Luca “Lazylegz” Patuelli of ILL-Abilities dancing with his crutches Instagram/@ill_abilities

ILL-Abilities will be in Singapore at Esplanade for three different programmes – a show, a workshop, and a battle with Singapore breakers. What are you most looking forward to and what do you hope for audiences to take away from your performance?

I am looking forward to it ALL! I get excited just thinking about it. I think each event is unique enough and our goal as a crew is to not just perform a “gig” and leave. We truly want to make a lasting impact wherever we go so when we perform we love having the opportunity to teach and share with aspiring dancers/movers. The battle with the Singapore Breakers is going to be a great exchange for us as a crew and a reminder that we are still active b-boys in the scene.


Can you talk about how breakin’ has the power to unite people of different backgrounds and abilities?

Breakin’ is one of the unique activities that truly has “no limits”; it’s a dance, culture, and now a sport that bases itself off everyone’s unique strengths and characteristics. When you figure that out it helps build confidence in you and gives you that strength and power to keep on going no matter the age, race, gender, or ability.

Luca “Lazylegz” Patuelli of ILL-Abilities break dancing Instagram/@ill_abilities

Breakin’ will be part of the Olympics 2024 as a new sport (along with surfing, skateboarding and sport climbing), what are your thoughts on this? Do share additional insights that you have into getting breakin’ recognized as a sport on a platform as big as the Olympics.

I think it’s awesome that breakin’ is going to be part of the Olympics in 2024 and will help gather new opportunities and an evolution to the movement of this dance. I understand some people’s reservation about it becoming a sport and losing the essence of the culture, but I do believe there is room for both. Essentially, it’s important that older and middle generation Breakers stay actively in the scene to continue to educate on the inclusivity of this dance. It’s possibly the first “sport” that will allow dancers with disabilities compete at the Olympic level.

Catch Luca “Lazylegz” Patuelli and his ILL-ABILITIES crew in their “No Excuses, No Limits” show at the Singapore Waterfront Theatre at Esplanade from April 14 – 16. Get your tickets here.

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