An early look at the upcoming Lux Sacai LDWaffle

An early look at the upcoming Lux Sacai LDWaffle

Back with a more luxurious vibe, early looks at the upcoming Sacai LDWaffle have earned it a new nickname.

Lux Sacai LDWaffle banner image

The uppers of the Lux Sacai LDWaffle are wrapped with leather and suede panels tied together by a single tone of black.

When the Sacai version of the Nike LDWaffle first hit the streetwear scene, it quickly grabbed the attention of every sneakerhead and Nike fanboy. Chitose Abe took the long-forgotten classic sneaker and put her unique take on it, doubling up everything from the Swooshes and tongues to the midsoles.

Lux Sacai LDWaffle criss cross image

This newer, more luxurious version of the Sacai LDWaffle sees the same double Swoosh and laces. But this time, the Swooshes seem to be made from blacked-out suede. Instead of a mostly mesh upper, the Lux Sacai LDWaffle now comes with leather panels.

Lux Sacai LDWaffle front image

The double laces of the new Lux Sacai LDWaffle are now a mix of ribbon and cord – a unique and unexpected combination. The sneaker is completed with the signature exaggerated midsole, which sticks out at the heel. We can see this more expensive, luxurious version of the Sacai LDWaffle rocking a full suit.

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Alec Levillain posted the image on Instagram, adding that the Lux Sacai LDWaffle is rumored to drop in March or April 2020. Stay tuned for more updates.

Would you rock the Lux Sacai LDWaffle with a suit? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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