The Macbook Pro Touch Bar is Banned from Well, the Bar

The Macbook Pro Touch Bar is Banned from Well, the Bar

The recently launched Macbook Pro Touch Bar has been banned from the bar exam in 12 different states in America.

Macbook Pro Touch Bar

Law students in North Carolina have officially been instructed to turn off the Touch Bar prior to taking the bar exam.

The announcement, made on January 27th, also states that “anyone who is using a Mac Book Pro with Touch Bar to raise their hand so that a proctor or ExamSoft technician can come to their seat and ensure that the Touch Bar has been disabled.”

North Carolina law students are not alone in this, as 11 other states California, Colorado, Oklahoma, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, and West Virginia, have banned the use of the latest MacBook Pro completely.

The main issue seems to be the Touch Bar’s easy programmable nature, which could result in cheating. In Apple’s demonstration of the Touch Bar’s features, it showed how users can tailor the Touch Bar to include specific programs, including bookmarks and a search field that can be included easily by dragging and dropping.

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And while software such as SofTest can prohibit Internet access during exams, it will also need time to catch up to new technology.

Here is a running list of all the states that have banned the Macbook Pro Touch Bar in their test settings.

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