Madhappy’s new collection aims to draw more awareness towards mental health

Madhappy’s new collection aims to draw more awareness towards mental health

Lifestyle clothing label Madhappy introduces a fun collection in collaboration with Happy Not Perfect to engage us all in more conversations about mental health.


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“Everything is going to be just fine dear friend”. The unisex apparel features positive quotes and colorful prints that are bound to uplift your spirits.

LA-based brand Madhappy introduces itself as “an inclusive community of local optimists” as they try to make the world better, one product at a time. This time, the label has teamed up with meditation app company Happy Not Perfect to commemorate mental health awareness month in the US. All profits from this collaborative collection will be donated to the Jed Foundation – a charity that exists to protect the emotional health of teens and young adults.

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Titled “Positive Reinforcement”, the collection comprises a matching hoodie and sweatpants in quick silver, as well as a white tee. The stand-out features on the clothes are the quirky and misshapen quotes amidst cheery graphics of rainbows and suns. In fact, the designs are very reminiscent of Cactus Plant Flea Market’s design. The items are made from heavyweight cotton with an oversized fit. Thus, you might want to size down if you’re looking for something more fitted.


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The tee costs US$60 (approx. S$83), the sweatpants cost US$140 (approx. S$193), and the hoodie costs US$180 (approx. S$245). All these can be purchased at the Madhappy web store today.

Even though Mental Health Awareness month is observed only in the US, it doesn’t mean it is something that only concerns Americans. Mental health issues are universal and it’s about time we pay attention to it. Here are 3 steps you can take to improve your mental health.

1) Breathe

Taking in deep breaths can help bring more clarity to the mind. To reinforce your breathing, you can try meditating, a practice that has become more popular with the advent of apps such as Headspace and The Mindfulness App.

2) Get enough sleep

Getting enough sleep can help enhance memory, mood and mental well-being, while a lack of sleep could cause mental fatigue and anxiety. Therefore, pay attention to the hours of sleep you are getting. Anything short of 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep is too little.

3) Seek help when you need it

There is nothing embarrassing about seeking help when you need it, especially when it has to do with your mental health. Get the right support by consulting medical professionals and figuring out works best for you.

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