10 Mannequin Challenge Videos to Keep You Glued to the Screen

10 Mannequin Challenge Videos to Keep You Glued to the Screen

Yet another social media craze has taken the Internet by storm. We’ve compiled a list of our ten favorite mannequin challenge videos.

1. The #RelationshipGoals Mannequin Challenge

Warning: Don’t watch this challenge if you’re single and lonely.


2. Best Workplace Challenge

A glimpse into the day in the life of a US Army soldier.

3. The White House Edition

Michelle Obama and the Cleveland Cavaliers team up in an attempt to break the Internet.


4. The #BlackLivesMatter Reminder

Vine superstar Simone Shepherd took to the trending challenge to remind the Internet of the importance of the #blm movement.

5.  NY Giants

The New York Giants take to social media to showcase their team spirit on the basketball court.


6. The Baby Edition

Officially the cutest version thanks to the preschoolers involved. Look at them trying their darndest to keep still!


7. The Endurance Test

The version with the highest level of skill, endurance, and strength. The feat, performed by some of the strongest challengers involved, will make you question your fitness.


8. Locker Room Talk

This time starring the Portugal soccer team and a shirtless Cristiano Ronaldo in his signature pose.

9. The #Mindblown Edition

Floating ping-pong balls? This gravity-defying challenge is one of our favorites.


10. Better than Beyonce

Somehow, Marshmello makes getting a huge audience to stay still and cooperate for the challenge look easy.

Got a mannequin challenge you’d like to share? Share the link in the comments section below. 

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