Maxime Loiseau Reinvents Headphones

Maxime Loiseau Reinvents Headphones

Maxime Loiseau simplifies the production process of headphones and the result are these sleek, slim beauties. Read on to find out more.

Maxime Loiseau experimented with “roll to roll” production processes which means simplifying the composition of an electronic device, whether it is through the means of printing electronic circuits, hot welding, embossing, or laser cutting. Loiseau applied this to headphones and presented his design at Wanted Design for the ENSCI-Diplorama+ exhibition during New York Design Week 2015.

Each set of Loiseau’s headphones is made up of only eight simple parts, unlike traditional headphones, which can comprise up to 50 pieces. The headphones function through vibrations of piezoelectric cells during which electricity is formed through pressure to operate the entire device. The minimalistic approach to production and design could prove that the future really is here. Find out more about this project here and in the video below:

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