Microsoft Looking to Unveil The Surface Watch in 2018

Microsoft Looking to Unveil The Surface Watch in 2018

Microsoft Surface Watch: Microsoft’s first smartwatch under the Surface brand.

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Microsoft Surface Watch

We might finally see a Microsoft Surface Watch in 2018/Image: Windows Latest

The Microsoft Surface Watch will pit itself against the Apple Watch and Samsung Gear in 2018.

According to Veditto, the Surface team is testing a prototype with the body reportedly made out of oxynitride aluminium, which is said to be harder than regular metal. The team aims to deliver the Microsoft Surface Watch in 2018.

The surface brand has produced laptops and tablets among others and will attempt to add more devices to the line-up. The watch will be expected to feature the Windows operating system seen on Microsoft’s laptops, computers and smartphones.

Microsoft enters the wearable tech market

Microsoft never quite got to producing a smartwatch after it stopped producing fitness trackers. According to Wareable, Microsoft’s only other foray into the smartwatch market was with TrekStor in April 2017.

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Together, the companies went on to produce a smartwatch running the Windows 10 system that catered to business and commercial uses.

Could the Surface Watch challenge Apple and Samsung in the smartwatch market? Only time will tell.

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