MoMa Now Streaming a ‘Self-Playing’ Game on Twitch

MoMa Now Streaming a ‘Self-Playing’ Game on Twitch

The game is MoMa’s first US-based solo exhibit from artist Ian Cheng.


Photo: QNS

The Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) is currently streaming the second part to Ian Cheng’s Emissary trilogy.

Ian Cheng’s exhibit comprises both a physical installation, currently housed in the museum itself as well as an online version.

The online version of the game titled Emissary is currently streaming on Twitch, a website popular amongst the gaming and esports community.

What makes Emissary stand out is that it is a self-playing game. The characters in the game interact with one another according to the way they’re programmed. Nothing in the game is predetermined.

The simulated game aims to test the audience’s ideas and adaptability to the ever-changing world, reports QNS. Cheng wants the audience to see stories as a force for change and influence in an ecosystem.

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Sounds intriguing? You can watch the second part to Cheng’s game, here. The second installment will run until Monday, July 24.

Cheng’s third and final virtual installment, Emissary Sunsets the Self will begin streaming from August 8 to September 25.

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