Moodelizer Lets You Soundtrack Your Videos in Real-Time

Moodelizer Lets You Soundtrack Your Videos in Real-Time

Who knew documenting our boring lives can instantly be entertaining with the simple addition of a soundtrack?


Photo; Moodelizer

Moodelizer, a recently launched iOS app, lets you soundtrack your videos as you record them in real-time.

The app is essentially a video-recording app, but with 15 “moods” or tracks ranging from “Sitcom” to “Horror” that you can play at any moment during your recording. So, for instance, if you want to document a blossoming romance between two colleagues, all you have to do is pick the “Romantic” setting and an appropriately-themed tune will accompany your recording as the scene unfolds.

At the moment, the app is only available on iOS but an Android version is expected to launch early this year. The company behind the app is also in the works to monetize the tracks available, meaning they will soon be open to brand sponsors, and can even commission artists to release tracks through the app.

With a simple design and easy navigation, Moodelizer is great for some lunchtime fun or to help pick up the slack on particularly dreary afternoons in the office. Get the app here.

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