Celebrate Mother’s Day with Nike: Workouts to try and gifts for mum

Celebrate Mother’s Day with Nike: Workouts to try and gifts for mum

A Mother’s Day workout followed by an online shopping spree for fitness gear are two things you can do to make Mother’s Day from home healthy this year.

Mother's Day workout Cant stop us

Work up a sweat with mum using the Nike Training Club app, and gift your mum and yourself matching activewear, and even a pair of new training shoes with Nike’s special Mother’s Day sale offering a 30% discount from May 8-10 on Nike.com.

First, let’s tackle the workout. The Nike Training Club app has countless workouts and routines to try out. Here’s our guide to helping you select a workout based on both yours and mum’s needs, fitness level, and availability. So, get together with mum (and the family?) and have yourself an active Mother’s Day!

Release Your Frustration

Mother's Day workout HIIT

Being cooped at home 24/7 is its own challenge. Having to adjust and compromise over a shared space can lead to pent-up frustrations over time. Work the frustrations away with HIIT and endurance workouts on the Nike Training Club app. These fast-paced, high-intensity workouts will give you and mum something else to focus on in the moment, and soon you’ll find the daily grind fading away. The sense of accomplishment upon completing the entire routine is incomparable.

Workouts to try:

Find inner strength

Mother's Day workout strength

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We’ve needed to dig deep within ourselves to find inner strength to power through the mental and physical challenges that this circuit breaker has posed. These guided strength-focused workouts will deepen your reserves and remind you and mum that you’re both stronger than you think. Use the rest time to encourage her and when it’s all done, sit down and have a chat as you both cool down.

Workouts to try:

Stretch out your stress

Mother's Day workout Yoga

If what’s needed is centering and inner peace, a yoga routine will do the job. Flowing through mild and strong poses with mum is a beautiful way to spend Mother’s Day.

Workouts to try:

Remember to head over to Nike.com after your Mother’s Day workout to gift mum a whole new set of workout gear and apparel to motivate her along her fitness journey. The promotion offers a 30% discount on all women’s gear, from May 8-10. Use code MOM30 at checkout to enjoy the discount. Exclusions apply.

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