Mr Porter Launches New Sportswear Category

Mr Porter Launches New Sportswear Category

Mr Porter, an award-winning destination for men’s products, will unveil a new athletic and performance category that will offer an edited selection of stylish performance gear from a variety of brands.


Set to launch on April 28th, Mr Porter Sport will carry goods related to various sports disciplines such as running, cycling, tennis, golf, training, swimming, sailing, as well as fitness accessories. Brands such as Newton, Brooks England, Oakley and Arena are on-board and will join existing labels like Nike, Lacoste and Sperry in offering sports performance goods.

The initial launch will see over 150 new products on the site, with additional inventory and brands to be included throughout the year. Besides shopping for street apparel and sneakers, keep your eyes peeled for the sportswear brands that will appear on Mr Porter Sport later today!

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