CULTURE Published: March 17, 2020 Updated: March 20, 2020  |  WORDS: Eshwaran Subramaniam

Mr. Sabotage speaks a new visual language through camouflage iconography

Mr. Sabotage has already created four pieces in this new style exploration, each dedicated to icons we’re familiar with.


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The art pieces stay true to Mr. Sabotage’s penchant for the military pattern: camouflage.

Soon, we will know Mr. Sabotage (Mark Ong) for so much more than his highly sought after custom sneakers, apparel and lifestyle accessories. Through @_egatobas_, the designer is exploring a new visual language that enables him to create works of art in 2D format.

The recently launched Instagram page showcases five of his creations, four of which feature icons we’re familiar with – Kobe Bryant, Bob Marley, Lee Kuan Yew and Marilyn Monroe, and there’s also one of a skull, all “hidden in plain sight” amongst Mark’s signature camouflage styles.


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But why the shift to this new format? Mark tells Straatosphere, “It was a natural progression from years of painting camouflage. My inspiration was to create a new visual language that I could use to communicate with the world while staying hidden in plain sight.”

The plan is to keep working on the style and potentially present it in a show or some form of larger scale presentation. You could even take Mark’s new style of art home, he shared, “I’m talking to a regular client of mine to do up a bigger Bob Marley piece for his home in Miami or Honduras.”

Coming up next, he has a skateboard collection with Thai brand Preduce featuring the faces of their riders in the abovementioned new style and another one with a Japanese company which he cannot reveal details of just yet.

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All images: Instagram/ @_egastobas_

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