The MSCHF x Crocs Big Yellow Boots are on the way

The MSCHF x Crocs Big Yellow Boots are on the way

MSCHF has returned to the market with their next big boot, this time in collaboration with Crocs. The Big Yellow Boots are set to be released on August 9.

Who is behind the MSCHF Crocs Big Yellow Boots?
MSCHF is an art collective based in Brooklyn, New York. Founded in 2018, the art and media company is known for creating viral projects and products that consistently grab headlines and spark debate online. The collective aims to create avant-garde, crazy and experimental experiences that get people to question conventional wisdom and aspects of consumerist lifestyle. 

What is the MSCHF Crocs Big Yellow Boots?
Most recently, MSCHF appeared in headlines after unveiling their upcoming Crocs collaboration with a photoshoot with Paris Hilton and a viral video of rapper Tommy Cash rocking the boots at Paris Fashion Week 2023. Based on their viral Big Red Boot, the new yellow boots sport a perforated forefoot and a heel strap taken from the classic Crocs clog. 

A viral track record
Their most recent viral creation was the Astro Boy-inspired “Big Red Boot”. Its cartoonish design made it look like it was taken right off the feet of the robot boy’s feet. But its TPU rubber and EVA midsole construction made it wearable in the real world. With limited news on its release and photos of selected individuals in early pairs going viral on social media, the resale value skyrocketed. At its peak, they were going for US$1,400 a pair.

Other than their Big Red Boot moment, MSCHF was behind the Jesus Shoes, which were USD$4,000 Air Max 97s that were filled with Holy Water. It was followed by a second Air Max 97 that was a partnership with Lil Nas X and it contained a drop of blood within the air sole. The sacrilegious design concept results in a lawsuit from Nike for the unauthorized sale of the shoes, which came after the sneaker had sold out despite its US$1,018 price tag. MSCHF told the New York Times the shoes were works of artistic expression “intended to comment on the absurdity of the collaboration culture practiced by some brands”.

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Has anyone worn the Big Yellow Boots yet? 
Like the Big Red Boots, many people are skeptical about the wearability of the MSCHF x Crocs Big Yellow Boot. The good news is that fashion icons like Paris Hilton and Victoria Beckham have been spotted wearing the viral yellow boots and so far, no mishaps have been noted.


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