The Sky’s the Limit for Netflix, Aims to Offer In-Flight

The Sky’s the Limit for Netflix, Aims to Offer In-Flight

Having dominated the video streaming market on land, Netflix now aims to make its content accessible via in-flight entertainment, letting passengers catch up on the latest movies and TV shows while up in the air.


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“We have no plans for an offline mode,” Netflix‘s chief product officer Neil Hunt told Digital Spy. “I think it’s far more important to solve the problem of how do you distribute content on an airplane.”

There are two ways this will materialize – using next-generation Wi-Fi to stream content, or putting the whole of Netflix into a foot-long box that can fit on a plane and be distributed.

Either way, consumers won’t have to settle for the limited, and sometimes outdated, entertainment content throughout their journey.

Netflix’s idea is theoretical at this point, but with technological advances and a strong support for streaming services, their plans could come to fruition sooner than you think.

Source: Digital Spy

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