New Balance Elite Edition “Barbershop” Pack

New Balance Elite Edition “Barbershop” Pack

New Balance’s latest offering this month, the “Barbershop” Pack celebrates the comeback of old-school barbershops.

In its latest offering released this month, New Balance takes the distinctive red, white and blue colors as seen on classic barbershop poles and applies them to the Elite Edition “Barbershop” Pack.

The Elite Edition “Barbershop” Pack is available in three styles – the New Balance 580, 999 and 1600. Each shoe features pig suede, mesh uppers, striped aglets, and checkered patterned inserts, a nod to vintage barbershops.

The New Balance Elite Edition Barbershop Pack is available at New Balance Concept Stores, Limited Edt and Leftfoot. It retails for S$169 (New Balance 580 and 999) and S$179 (New Balance 1600).

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