Wave 2 of Nigo x Louis Vuitton Squared arrives August 28: Preview the full collection here

Wave 2 of Nigo x Louis Vuitton Squared arrives August 28: Preview the full collection here

The second wave of the Nigo x Louis Vuitton Squared collection arrives in Singapore on August 28.

Nigo x Louis Vuitton Squared Wave 2 Drops, August 28

Just like in Wave 1, the second wave of the Louis Vuitton Squared collection sees Nigo and Virgil giving the London Mod-era dandy-inspired pieces a Tokyo twist. This second drop, which is slated for August 28, comprises ready-to-wear apparel, bags, accessories and footwear. Here’s a rundown of every item within the collection, including their retail prices.


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Wave 2 offers a selection of leather goods that includes a mini tote, soft trunk and backpack that return with refreshed paneling and design. Selected pieces receive cartoon animal charms, a design aesthetic we have come to expect from this collaboration. The “dripping” leather patchwork is a firm nod to Billionaire Boys Club and Icrecream, brands Nigo co-founded with Pharrell Williams.


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The apparel collection stays true to the London subculture stylings of the Mod-era dandy. You won’t miss the oversized LV Damier checks and monogram pattern all across the ready-to-wear apparel collection. In this Wave, the collection offers Mod suits, duffle coats and a fishtail parka. The flight jacket bearing a Mount Fuji print with the “LV Made” logo and “Louis Vuitton” in Human Made brand typography is a fitting ode to the collaboration.

Accessories & small goods

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A new wave means new accessories. Wave 2 offers a wider range of silver jewelry for those looking to add some bling to their wardrobe. With options ranging from S$715 to S$2,070, you are bound to find a piece that fits your budget and style. Wave 2 also sees the introduction of a bear emblem, another ode to Nigo’s Human Made.

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Footwear from Wave 2 has gotten much more rugged. This time you can get a series of boots with uppers featuring sporty Damier leather or denim bearing the Louis Vuitton monogram.

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Selected sold out items from Wave 1 will be making a return as well. Most notable is the Giant Damier Waves Monogram Denim Jacket in black and blue, which will be restocking in limited quantities.

Wave 2 of the Louis Vuitton Squared collection drops on August 28. Shop the pieces at Louis Vuitton stores or at www.louisvuitton.com.

Which wave of the Louis Vuitton Squared collection do you prefer, Wave 1 or 2? Share your choice in the comment section. 

All images: Louis Vuitton

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