The Nike Adapt LE 01 gets a futuristic look and an Air Max update

The Nike Adapt LE 01 gets a futuristic look and an Air Max update

The new Nike Adapt LE 01 is a futuristic sneaker that merges two of Nike’s major technologies.

Nike Adapt LE 01 full sneaker

The Nike Adapt LE 01 takes design cues from the Air Mag – the iconic grail featured in Back To The Future.

Nike’s Adapt line has been focused on b-ball sneakers since it launched in 2019, rolling out two models in the last year. Both models are very performance-driven and aren’t exactly ideal for the daily beat up. Well, that is going to change with the new Nike Adapt LE 01.

Nike Adapt LE 01 buttons

Going by early images, it looks like the sneaker is a fusion of the Adapt BBs and the Air Max 1. It even has an Air Max bubble taken right off the Air Max 1. Looking closer at the chunky midsole, we can see the Adapt buttons on the lateral sides surrounded by the bright orange outsoles. The outsoles have a raised traction pattern similar to that of the OG Air Max 1s – another design detail borrowed from the retro sneaker. Moving closer to the forefoot, we see marble-like, exposed midsoles.

Nike Adapt LE 01 outsole

The uppers are pretty minimalistic and simple. The sneaker comes with a grey synthetic upper with raised terraforms resembling the eyelets seen on the Air Max 90. A color-matched plastic mudguard is added at the forefoot and a dark grey swoosh at the lateral sides of the sneaker. For some heel support, the orange outsole stretches up, forming a heel cup. It also forms a hollow opening at the heel, which helps break the monotony of the chunky midsole.

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Nike Adapt LE 01 closer look

The highlight of this sneaker is the lacing set up. This is the first time Nike is really taking direct design cues from the Air Mag and bringing it to the masses. The new laces appear very flat, almost like an elastic band. This change in the design creates a very uniform looking upper – which really add a futuristic vibe to the Adapt LE 01.

At the moment, the sneaker has no confirmed release date or price. Stay tuned for updates.

The Nike Adapt LE 01 will likely be a costly sneaker. Would you rather cop one pair of Adapt LE 01 or cop a few Air Max 1s? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

Images: Instagram/@yankeekicks

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