Nike celebrates LGBTQ with Nike BETRUE 2018 collection

Nike celebrates LGBTQ with Nike BETRUE 2018 collection

Nike BETRUE 2018 collection celebrates LGBTQ people with the colors and symbols that represent the community.

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Featuring the Vapormax Plus, the Air Max 270, and more.

Nike honors the LGBTQ community with the Nike BETRUE 2018 collection. The collection revolves around two main identities that have been reclaimed and historically repurposed by the LGBTQ community: the color lavender and the pink triangle.

As one of the oldest symbolic references in LGBTQ culture, the color lavender is present in all four of the outstanding silhouettes in this collection – inclusive of the Vapormax Plus, Air Max 270, Epic React and Zoom Fly. Each of the four running silhouettes in this collection puts its own spin on the soft palette. The sneakers also feature a triangular symbol that holds a complex past in the community and was originally used to identify LGBTQ individuals during World War II.

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Complementing the lavender color, the sneakers also sport the iconic rainbow color scheme. The Nike BETRUE Vapormax Plus features the rainbow in its underfoot. Each of its airbags is individually dyed in the different colors of the rainbow. The rainbow also appears in the entire heel of the Nike BETRUE Air Max 270.The Epic React Fly Knit subtly features the rainbow in the front and heel portions of its sole. Even the Zoom Fly SP takes on the rainbow colorway though in a much more muted way, by having the rainbow colorway run through the sneaker’s upper.

The Nike BETRUE 2018 collection will also include t-shirts, socks, hats and a hip pack, alongside the sneakers. The collection will drop June 6 online at and at select retailers.

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