Nike Wants to Fight Bots Using Augmented Reality

Nike Wants to Fight Bots Using Augmented Reality

Nike is planning on fighting sneaker bots by incorporating augmented reality (AR) into its SNKRS app.

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Nike is planning to fight bots by adopting augmented reality (AR), says the brand’s President of Direct Consumer Business, Heidi O’Neill.

O’Neill spilled the beans on the sportswear brand’s latest initiative on Thursday, September 14 at Code Commerce.

She mentioned that the brand has come “very close to eliminating bots”, which will take sneaker hunting to “as close to a fair game”.

This isn’t the first time that the brand experimented with AR. It previously adopted this technology in June 2017 to release the “Momofuku” sneakers.

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Unlike most sneaker drops, Nike made consumers scan Momofuku’s menu using the SNKRS app on their smartphones before allowing them access to purchase the limited-edition sneakers.

No word on how the brand is planning to tackle bots through AR just yet, so keep your eyes peeled for more info.

Nike’s SNKRS app is available for iOS and Android smartphones. While you wait, watch the video above to learn more.

Source: Recode

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