Nike Japan Now Delivers to Over 12,000 Convenience Stores

Nike Japan Now Delivers to Over 12,000 Convenience Stores

Nike Japan will deliver paid products to convenience stores for easy pick-up.


Nike Japan will deliver purchases made online to convenience stores for customers’ easy pick-up.

The service, launched in late June, allows customers to have their item shipped to one of the many konbini (convenience stores) in the country.

And why not? After all, there is one konbini to every 2,000 people in Japan. They can be found in almost every neighborhood across the country and are open 24/7. To say that the konbini is prolific in Japan would be an understatement.

Over 12,000 convenience stores will participate in this new initiative, which Nike has described as bringing “the best of Nike to the center of life in Japan”.

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“By delivering our product to local konbini, we create a faster and more seamless consumer journey and continue to change the game when it comes to sustainability,” said Erich Siegal, the GM of Nike Direct Japan.

Besides convenient delivery, Nike will also be debuting a new polybag for online orders. Made of recycled material, it doubles as packaging and a return envelope.

This new delivery service is now available in Japan. Most orders will take approximately two days to arrive at a local konbini. Additionally, this service is free for all Nike+ members.

This is just another addition to the string of direct-to-shopper announcements that Nike has made in recent times. Last month, the brand also revealed it will begin selling its products on Amazon and Instagram.

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